Onesie memory quilt made from baby’s clothes… A work in progress


After first seeing one of these onesie memory quilts I knew it was something I wanted to do wi my son’s old onesies. I saved a handful just in casr I ended up actually starting the project. I ended up having another son and was glad to have saved my oldest clotges for him to pass on to his younger brother. After my youngest was born, I decided my life was complete, and am having my tubes tied in less than a month. So if I’m going to save any more baby clothing it had to be for a good reason… And much to my surprise my Mom agreed to help make the quilt for me! Sewing has never beenmy strong point so Iknew I had to enlist my Mom’s help. Living on opposite sidesof the states will make this difficult, but I know we can do it!

Here is where we will collanorate ideas, designs, and ultimately we will end up withour own, unique memory quilt tutorial!

Determine the size….

36”x 36” quilt will take about 20-30 articles of clothing
40″x 54″ quilt will take about 30-40 articles of clothing
50”x 60” quilt will take about 40-50 articles of clothing
Twin size quilt will take about 60-70 articles of clothing
Full size quilt will take about 60-80 articles of clothing

Gather your materials….

Start with clean items. Besides the baby clothes you can use bibs, caps, socks, Halloween costumes, blankets, linens, special curtains and nursery items.

To be continued….

How much do you know about SIDS? Take this quick quiz to see how much you really know about SIDS!


5 Things NOT To Say To a C-Section Mom…

Before you voice how you feel about c-section, you should know how moms who have had c-section really feel.

Here are 5 things you should not say to a c-section mom:

1. “You took the easy way out.”

There’s no easy way out when it comes to birth, and the recovery from a c-section can be brutal.

2. “Are you sure you needed a c-section?”

While it’s true there are too many unnecessary c-sections performed in this country, there’s no use bringing it up after the fact. 

3. “Don’t you regret not experiencing birth?”

We did experience birth, just in a different way. 

4. “I could never have a c-section, I believe in natural birth.”

Many c-section moms also believe natural birth is best, but no matter how solid one’s birth plan, there are no guarantees.

5. “Maybe you wouldn’t have needed one if you hadn’t had an epidural/used a midwife/stood on your head, etc.”

Some of us have regrets about decisions we made, and for many of us, nothing we did would have changed things.


How To Get a FREE Breast Pump!

You may qualify for a free breast pump through your insurance!

Find out how and apply here:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as “Obamacare”, was signed into law in 2010. While the ACA relates to all parts of healthcare, one of the most valuable is health insurance plans are now required to cover breastfeeding support and supplies. So that means many insurance companies cover 100% of the cost of breast pumps for new mothers!

To find out if your insurance covers a free breast pump, simply fill out the form found at the website above! So easy!

Breaking the bottle

Bottle breaking your baby – when to take the bottle away, how to wean your baby from a bottle:

At one year of age, a lot is now expected of your baby. Most people associate baby’s first birthday with “bottle weaning“.
Every child is different though, and only you will know when the time is right. By 15 months, you should at least attempt bottle weaning.

Be prepared for a few difficult days or nights.

Have baby throw away his bottles. Have your son or daughter throw each bottle away, one by one, saying bye bottle, bye ba ba.

Take the trash out too so there is no temptation to give in.

Do not give in. This is the hardest part, but be patient.

Looking back, I wish I wouldn’t of gotten my son accustomed to bottles in his crib, but at the time it was the only way to soothe him to sleep.

No type of cup will replace a bottle… but as Mothers, it’s our job to break this habit, so just know you are facing a challenge… but you will make it through.

The bottle serves as a source of comfort to many babies, so give it time.

I chose to break the bottle and binky habit at different times, and once both has been discarded out of my son’s life I plan to reward him with the transition from crib to toddler bed.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Do It Yourself: Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments #tmnt #diy #ornaments

YES! I finally found time to make them myself! Except, I didn’t have any blue ribbon and only could make the  three… for now!

I also used ribbon instead of felt when I made mine.

See how to make your own here:


First Pregnancy – What I’ve Learned

Even though I hate excuses, I am going to outright blame my lack of online activity on being pregnant. Before becoming pregnant for the first time in December I would have never imagined that pregnancy would leave me feeling like a stranger in my own body!

being pregnant - feelings on the first pregnancyIn the beginning many people referred to my lack of motivation as “being lazy”. This assumption really hurt because I am normally an upbeat, high strung, motivated person. No matter how much I tried to overcome the fatigue of my new pregnancy, my once fast-paced way of life was destined to be put on hold.

As I got used to my growing body and all the changes that come with being pregnant, I was unable to maintain my way of life. This made me quite uncomfortable or miserable during many points in my pregnancy. Now, almost 39 weeks pregnant, I am ready to become a mother for the first time. People laugh when I tell them I’d rather deal with a crying baby than deal with being pregnant… but I’m sure many women can relate to feeling that way.

Pregnancy and becoming a mother are both uncharted territory for myself (and many others!). There is so much you learn about yourself as a person – as well as tips and tricks to ease situations along the way.

For example, this morning I woke up earlier than normal and could not get back to sleep. My baby felt like he was curled in a tight little ball inside my belly, his arms, legs, and feet pushing into my ribs and against my stomach.

Normally I experience many of my fetal movements in the evening, but this morning he was moving so much I could not return to sleep. I tried changing my position, encouraging him to adjust his position… pretty much everything I had previously used in this type of situation.

The tight little ball he was I soon found out is a common symptom of Braxton Hicks contractions. This is a common occurrence for pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy. Once I discovered that baby’s fetal movements may actually be Braxton Hicks contractions I was able to ease the uncomfortable feelings in my stomach.

If you experience this type of “balling up” in your belly during pregnancy and cannot find relief, try doing some light exercise. If this does not work (or you are too tired for activity, as I initially was) you can also ease the pressure on your belly by taking a warm shower. It sounded too simple, but it actually worked!

Later on in the afternoon when I felt a less intense feeling of this type I went for a short walk and my symptoms were relieved.

Although pregnancy has been a challenging, I hope that I can help others with my experiences as a soon to be new mother.

Good luck future mommas ;)

justine muller pregant

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Conman & Twakstar <33

conman & twakstar

“Damn yankee” Classic chili recipe

Born in the North and now residing down south classifies me as a “damn yankee” according to the local residents in this area of Florida I live in.

I never really ate chili until moving here so I figured I needed to learn how to make this local favorite.

Here is my take on a classic chili recipe.

classic chili recipes that are easy to make

This is an easy to make, inexpensive recipe that kids and adults will love! Ready in under an hour.


“Damn yankee” Chili


1 can dark red kidney beans (drained)

1 can pinto beans (drained)

1 pound ground turkey (or beef)

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

16 oz. can tomato sauce

1 packet McCormick chili powder mix

Sea salt, pepper, garlic powder (season to taste)

Sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (optional)

Crackers: Saltines or Ritz (optional)


- Brown meat of choice in vegetable oil. Drain.

- Combine meat, beans, tomato paste, chili powder, and seasonings in a medium to large cooking pot.

- Simmer on medium to low heat for at least 30 minutes.

- Serve with sharp cheddar cheese and crackers if desired.

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All natural home remedies for toothache pain

Using all natural remedies at home for toothaches

The problem: Severe/intense toothache pain – and you’re unable to find relief!

Unless you have a regular dentist you visit or can even afford to go see one, you are one of the many people who suffer for days, weeks, even months with intense toothache pain.

Even if you could see a dentist, if you are pregnant you will find it difficult for a dentist to treat you – some will extract your tooth or teeth without x-rays, but this is risky and will be very painful if your tooth is infected in the root (the part the dentist can see using an x-ray).

My wisdom tooth was infected. I took antibiotics for a week before the dentist would extract my tooth and even with three shots of novicaine it was still one of the worst pains of my life and I did not find relief until a few days after it was pulled.

That was years ago. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant and Tylenol and Orejel no longer give me relief. Plus, using these medicines for a long period of time is not a good idea. I have a feeling my tooth is infected due to the severity of the pain. I have found a dentist who will extract my tooth without doing and x-ray, but I decided to do some experiments at home on my own, all natural of course, over the weekend to try to find some kind of relief.

Using all  natural home remedies to relieve toothache pain or sensitivity

What you will need: Common items/ingredients found around the home.

Remember: Every toothache is not the same. Some remedies may work for you, but may not work for everyone. (Note: the toothache remedies listed here are ones that I myself have tried.)

Good luck!

All natural remedies to alleviate toothache pains:

  1. Vanilla extract.
vanilla extract for toothache pain
you must use pure vanilla extract. many types of vanilla extract you commonly see are a mixture of vanilla and other ingredients. pure vanilla extract is darker in color, a dark tan or brown.

- Apply onto the tooth using a cotton swab.

- Many people find relief instantly with this home rememdy, I did not however.

- One source cited that mixing vanilla extract with cloves (powder or oil) increases this home remedies effectiveness. I did not have any clove oil at home, so I am not sure how effective this mixture would be.

2. Mouth rinse using alcohol based mouthwash (aka Listerine rinse).

- Any type or brand of alcohol-based mouth wash or rinse will work.

- Simply pour into mouth and swish around for a minute or two. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

- This provided immediate relief, but the relief was short lived.

- A rinse using actual alcohol (liquor) will work in the same manner, but is not recommended for most people. Simply pour a small amount of alcohol (Vodka or whiskey are said to work best), swish in mouth for a minute or so before spitting out. I have not tried this alternative, so I cannot say how effective this home remedy would be.

3. Warm salt and water rinse.
salt and water rinse for toothache pain

- Mix about a teaspoon of salt with lukewarm water in a small glass.

- Swish around mouth for a couple minutes before you spit.

- This did work, sort of, for myself. However, it did not work as well as rinsing with Listerine.

4. Tea bags.

tea bags as all natural toothache remedy

- Prepare a cup of lukewarm tea by placing a tea bag in a cup of about 8 oz. of water. Do not get liquid super hot, or wait until liquid has cooled before trying this home rememdy.

- Remove the excess liquid from the tea bag and place onto the problem tooth, holding there for several minutes.

- If your toothache pain is heat sensitive DO NOT try this one. This only aggrevated my tooth even more. Many people swear by this method though, so it’s worth a shot!

- There was no immediate relief, but over the course of five to ten minutes I felt a slight improvement. Using a more room-temperature tea bag may work better next time!
4. Muscle rub cream.

cremes to relieve toothache pain

(Not 100% all natural, but is commonly found as a home remedy for mouth or tooth pain.

- Apply a muscle rub cream OUTSIDE of your mouth, on the area of your cheek where the tooth that is hurting is located.

- Use a small amount as the vapors from the crème do tend to travel towards your eyes and this is not pleasant!

- Doesn’t work for all types of tooth pain. It will numb the side of your face, which does provide some relief, but is not the most benefitial of tooth ache remedies found here.

- Vicks vapor rub has also been used in a smiliar way by applying outside the mouth on the cheek.

 5. Baking Soda.

- Used as a paste: Moisten a cotton swab and dip into a small amount of baking soda. Apply generously to tooth that hurts.

- Used as a rinse: Dillute a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of lukewarm water (about 4 oz. or less). Swish in mouth for a minute or two before spitting out.

- Some relief from tooth pain when used as a paste. Rinsed with mixture and then applied paste, but still some minor discomfort five minutes later.

 6. Sensodyne toothpaste.

- My friend Liz, also pregnant, swears her toothache pain was relieved by switching to Sensodyne brand toothpaste.

- From their official website: Sensodyne® toothpaste is the dentist recommended toothpaste for sensitivity, offering a range of specifically formulated toothpastes. Sensodyne® toothpaste works to relieve tooth pain due to sensitive teeth and provides lasting protection all day, every day when used as directed.

- It is also a commonly found home remedy to apply a small amount of toothpaste directly onto the affected area using a cotton swab. This would most likely provide more immediate relief for severe tooth pain.

Other things to consider when dealing with a toothache:

- Always brush and floss prior to using any home remedy. This will remove any extra food particles or debris from your teeth and make these remedies more affective. A toothpaste containing fluoride has been found to work best when dealing with toothaches and pain.

- Avoid sugar and foods containing a lot of sugar. You must be aware by now that sugar is a leading cause of cavities and therefore can cause extra pain when dealing with a toothache. Always brush or use a rinse after eating foods containing sugar to prevent additional pain.

- Toothache pain is sometimes aggravated by either hot or cold, or sometimes even both. Make sure any home remedies you try accommodate for your specific sensitivity. Using ice cubes in the mouth for example is not a good idea if you know your tooth hurts more after eating ice cream for example.

- On that note, you may want to consider that your toothache is actually just tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity, also described as a short, sharp pain most frequently occurs when eating or drinking hot or cold food and drinks. You may also feel discomfort when consuming sweet or sour food and drinks, or when you brush your teeth and rinse with cold water. Many adults have only occasional tooth sensitivity. Some adults experience chronic pain. Tooth sensitivity may be an indication of an underlying dental problem. Please consult your dentist. (Source:

- Do your research and find a reputable dentist in your area. Ask your friends and family for one they have visited before and make sure you explain any issues or pain you are having with your dentist. Regular dental visits will provide long term relief of future toothache pain – although this can be costly without insurance. Check with your local health department to see if there are any low-cost dental clinics in your area. They often will offer services on a sliding scale fee based on your income – although the waiting list to be seen is often lengthy. Regular checkups will prevent future problems though, and prevention is the best remedy in the long run!

 Good Luck!

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