How important is content to a website?

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Apparently the debate over whether content is king has more data to support the claim – according to a recent study on content marketing strategies.

90% of Marketers Know the Importance of Content, but only 38% Have a Strategy

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What does this mean?

That although marketers know how important content is, they fall short when it comes to execution.

But why?

Quite honestly one of the main issues facing marketers creating content that is worth reading is as simple as time.

Original content, written and proofread and finally published takes time and is hard work.

There is techniques to use, certain protocol to follow, and then on top of that making what you write actually interesting to the people reading it sometimes makes what appears to be a simple task downright daunting.


Here are a few tips on content writing I have gathered over the course of my time writing articles on the internet.

- Don’t over work yourself. There is nothing worse than reading something that sounds like you are not really into the topic. Or that was rushed.

- Write about subjects your are both knowledgeable in and passionate about. Do some research. The extra fifteen minutes you spend looking up some key facts can make a world of a difference in how your article ends up.

User generated content

User generated content

- If you can, try and post regularly. Don’t set your goal too high though, that is unattainable. Instead of aiming for an article or post a day, start of with one per week. If you do more than that, awesome! You exceeded your goal.

- Not everything you (or anyone else for that matter) writes will be a piece of literary genius  Give yourself a break. It is totally acceptable to post a review of an article someone else wrote or a simple post you can get published quickly.

- Put something already published on your blog in your own words and cite your source if you are short on time. This is an easy way to get content on your website and avoid stealing someone else’s work.

Don’t copy and paste someone else’s work by the way. And if you do, be prepared to get nasty emails or phone calls from the original author. There are plugins that detect these types of actions. Just be warned, it’s just not right and even Google does not like duplicate content.

Original content is important, especially to rank your website in Google. 

If you are an English dropout fear not, there are easy ways around the writing aspect that still will convey your message. Use video, pictures, polls, links, and other forms of interaction in your article to engage your audience. Cover a few main points in your own words and spell/grammar check. Easy.

Every blog writer really has their own system of how they produce a blog post. It does take time to develop a writing strategy that will produce quality content and ultimately a solid marketing strategy.

Content is appealing to the internet’s consumers. In order to succeed in any

the issues we realize as vital  are often the ones we pay attention to.

New Marketing Strategy

Think about it…

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